The Philadelphia Phillies play at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Phillies ballpark is a great place to watch a Major League Baseball game. Search the Philadelphia Phillies seating chart to find details regarding the seats at Citizens Bank Park and to find the best Phillies tickets for the best Phillies seats.

The Philadelphia Phillies Citizens Bank Park is split into multiple seating sections over all levels of the stadium: Phillies Diamond Club, Phillies Hall of Fame Club, Phillies Infield, Phillies Baseline, Phillies Outfield, Phillies Arcade, Phillies Scoreboard Porch, Phillies Pavilion, Phillies Pavilion Deck, Phillies Terrace, Phillies Terrace Deck, Phillies Ashburn Alley Rooftop Bleachers, and Phillies Standing Room Only. The best Philadelphia Phillies seats depend on the cost of your Phillies tickets. Philadelphia Phillies tickets are sold through the Citizens Bank Park box office and the Philadelphia Phillies team website, but the largest inventory of the best Phillies tickets for the most popular Phillies games are sold through secondary market ticket sellers and ticket websites. See more information throughout about the best Phillies tickets for the best Phillies seats at Citizens Bank Park.

Citizens Bank Park is a baseball stadium constructed in 2004 to replace Veterans Stadium as the home for the Philadelphia Phillies. Citizens Bank Park was built in the northeast section of the area known as the South Philadelphia Sports Complex with also holds the home arenas for the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76ers, and Philadelphia Flyers. Citizens Bank Park contains natural grass and dirt throughout its playing surface and is renowned for the food offerings specific to the Philadelphia-area including hoagies and cheesesteak sandwiches.

The dimensions of Citizens Bank Park are:

  • 50 feet to the Backstop
  • 329 feet to Left Field
  • 374 feet to Left-Center
  • 401 feet to Center Field
  • 369 feet to Right-Center
  • 330 feet to Right Field

The seating capacity of Citizens Bank Park is 43,647 with more than 46,528 total fans permitted in the stadium when Phillies standing room only seats are fully utilized. See the Citizens Bank Park seating chart for a detailed seat map.

Citizens Bank Park: Home of the Philadelphia Phillies

Citizens Bank Park: Home of the Philadelphia Phillies
View of the front entrance to Citizens Bank Park: Home of the Philadelphia Phillies